NOVA        creative lab                                         AVON                                      

[ A Laboratory of Co-Created Fascinations and Activations  -  making stuff happen in the in-between ]

"In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas corpora..." Ovid, Metamorphosis  "I have in mind shapes transformed to bodies strange..."

NOVA was established, and is directed, by artist Antony Lyons  and operates as a co-creative extension of his research-based eco-creative, geopoetic practice.

Joining the dots, in search of new perspectives and unexpected combinations in the edge-lands of ecological and social settings, the NOVA approach is to explore

and re-imagine entanglements between people, places and dynamic processes.

Methods range from practical incubations and nursing creative relationships to the launching of wilder flights of fantasy.

NOVA uses intuitive deep-mapping and fresh thinking to juxtapose:   

personal + political |  city + country  |  real + imaginary  |  insider + outsider  |  facts + imagination

myth + history  |  pre-modern + contemporary  |  light + shadow  |  doing + talking  |  being + walking

The scope of NOVA activities includes: creative consultancy, place/culture/community explorations, imaginative land-use strategies + landscape/ecological-designs, enduring public artworks and ephemeral sculptural interventions.

NOVA associates (past and present) include: Lucy Izzard, Nick Hand, Kate Smith, Jon Pigott, Iain Biggs, Scott Farlow, Marcus Jefferies, Pandora Vaughan & Val Steel

An offshoot - NOVA formula is mostly concerned with co-production of documentary video and audio works in eco-social settings.