NOVA                                           AVON                                      

[ A Laboratory of Co-Created Fascinations and Activations  -  making stuff happen in the in-between ]

"In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas corpora..." Ovid, Metamorphosis  "I have in mind shapes transformed to bodies strange..."

NOVA was established by artist Antony Lyons  and operates as a collaboration extension of his research-based eco-creative, geopoetic practice.

Joining the dots, in search of new perspectives and unexpected combinations in the edge-lands of ecological and social settings, the NOVA approach is to explore

and re-imagine entanglements between people, places and dynamic processes.

Methods range from practical incubations and nursing creative relationships to the launching of wilder flights of fantasy.

NOVA uses intuitive deep-mapping and fresh thinking to juxtapose:   

personal + political |  city + country  |  real + imaginary  |  possible + impossible  |  insider + outsider  |  facts + imagination

myth + history  |  pre-modern + contemporary  |  light + shadow  |  doing + talking  |  being + walking

The scope of NOVA activities includes: creative consultancy, place/culture/community explorations, imaginative land-use strategies + landscape/ecological-designs, enduring public artworks and ephemeral sculptural interventions.

NOVA associates and past collaborations and co-creations include: Lucy Izzard, Nick Hand, Kate Smith, Jon Pigott, Iain Biggs, Scott Farlow, Marcus Jefferies, Pandora Vaughan & Val Steel

An offshoot - NOVA formula mostly concerned with co-production of documentary film and audio works in eco-social settings.